Tips For The Best Indoor Cycling Experience


Cycling in the open air is great, you can’t deny it. But let’s face it, many times you just can’t or don’t want to go outdoors. Well, indoor or stationary cycling is a great alternative for those days. Let’s see….. It’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s too cold, it’s snow, it’s dark, I can’t find my sunglasses, sun visors, and so on. Excuses and/or reasons are endless. Well, there are many opportunities to cycle inside buildings, so you can stop getting cold and start riding!

Indoor and stationary bicycles

There is a wide variety of training bikes, including vertical and lying bikes. This is a completely personal preference for which bike is most comfortable for you.

  • Consider your budget. Training bikes are available from $150 for a very basic model – $2000+ for the loaded version.
  • Research features you like, including “clip pedals” or “cages”, built-in training programs, built-in TV monitor, weighted flywheel, water bottle cage, etc.
  • Among the wide range of training bikes available on the market there are several: Lemond Fitness, Nordic Track, Pro Form, Life Fitness and CycleOps, each of which has its own website.
  • You can try out these websites for sale and promotion on stationary bikes:,, FitnessEquipment Reviews of virtually all indoor bikes can be found on websites.
  • Before making a purchase, test different bikes at your local sports goods store.

Indoor Cycling Trainers

For those of you who ask what you can do if you have a bike, but not a stationary or indoor bike, and want to be able to ride indoors: there is an excellent, inexpensive and space-saving option for you – an indoor bike trainer for your current bike!

  • Indoor bike trainers are easy to use – just slide in and out of the rear tyre!
  • You can probably pick up a good quality trainer for $150-$200 or less.
  • There are many companies that make indoor bikes such as Blackburn, Elite, Forza, Minoura, CycleOps and Kurt Kinetic available from many bike shops, good sports shops and online.
  • One good website with many options.

Indoor Cycling DVD’s & Videos

What will stop you from getting bored when riding your bike indoors without changing outdoor landscapes? Well, there are many DVDs and videos on cycling to overcome the same Ol”, the same indoor cycling routine and keep you motivated to ride.

  • Some virtual videos for cyclists include training by professional bicycle instructors to provide guidance on stimulation and form.
  • Others offer a choice of different training courses for daily diversity.
  • Some provide computer-generated cyclists to “ride” with you on the virtual road.
  • Virtual cycling indoors on a DVD offers a real outdoor experience – no computer generated images – for a visual experience on an outdoor trail.
  • If you find that the speed of the video is too slow for your needs, you can simply try to quickly transport a DVD player or a computer with a notch or two during a bicycle training session. Some indoor cyclists think this is a helpful option for faster speed rides, such as spinning bikes.
  • Check websites such as, or your local bookshop, to find bike DVDs indoors and videos that will motivate you to ride your bike for longer.

Improving the indoor cycling experience

Cycling at home is not just an open-air ride with varied terrain for maneuvering and wind in the face. True. But, as we’ve already mentioned, sometimes outdoor riding is not an option, and you have to take it with you or you don’t want to drive. There are, however, a few tips to make your indoor cycling training similar to outdoor riding. Indoor cycling workouts can be as difficult and exciting as outdoor cycling and there are equally effective workouts!

  • Play pipe music on mp3 while listening to nature’s soundtracks in stage cycling videos such as those from Scenic Trex, hearing all the sounds you could hear while riding outdoors…… without car horns and barking dogs.
  • Push the fan “high” and place it on your bike. Feel the “wind breeze” while pedaling!

For the best cycling training, increase and decrease resistance and speed while riding, and increase and decrease resistance and speed when getting on and off the saddle. You will simulate outdoor riding on hills and varied terrain, as well as burn the most calories and increase your strength.

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